The 10 Most Anticipated Female Artist Albums of 2015

Some pretty special female artists are set to release albums this year! Here are 10 of the most anticipated:

1. It’s been a long time coming but Madonna’s album, including collaborations with Disclosure, Chance the Rapper, and Natalia Kills, is coming at ya!

2. We’ve waited and waited, and heard the rumors of a release date time and time again, but XL Recordings has confirmed Adele’s new album will be released some time this year.

3. Charli XCX‘s album, Sucker, was released just days ago and we can confirm it’s full of spunk, punk, and poppy attitude.


4. We’re expected something so completely out of this world from artful Bjork. Stay tuned.

5. Florence & the Machine’s last album was released waaay back in 2011, and with a headlining gig already locked in at Coachella, we can’t wait for the next instalment.

6. Drawing on influences while recording in Texas, Iceland, and London, we’re sure The XX‘s next album will be equally as fab as their last, Coexist.

7. Courtney Barnett is full of quirk and can certainly write some catchy tunes. With her album due in March, be sure it’s on your ‘buy now’ list.

8. Another artist to hit the Coachella stage, Marina and the Diamonds will be releasing her third album around the same time as the Indio Festival, in April.

9. Coming off the back of a cracking album in 2013, we’re expecting Chvrches‘ next release to be bigger and better!

10. Wolf Alice are set to release their first full studio album and we know it’ll be full of wild and boisterous fun!




  • Nice post Emma! 2015 is looking to be a great year in music. Great list and really looking forward to Chvrches sophomore album 🙂

  • Moon says:

    Hi, I just hopped over to your webpage via StbnoleUpum. Not somthing I might typically read, but I appreciated your thoughts none the less. Thanks for making something well worth reading through.

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