10 Feminist Resolutions for 2016

Well SheRas, now that the snow of Christmas and the glitter of NYE has settled, we emerge from the silly season with drooping Santa hats and champagne hangovers, only to look at the clock and realize that 2016 is well and truly underway.


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Whilst the initial shock of getting back into work (ugh, for a second there I actually liked Mondays) and a normal diet and exercise routine (planning on going to the gym is the same thing as actually going, right?) can all seem a bit overwhelming, it’s now more important than ever to take the time to relax, breathe, have some wine—we mean stay hydrated—and concentrate on making some meaningful goals for the year ahead! Here are some feminist resolutions I’m making for 2016! #newyearnewme

1. Banish diet culture. Drop the ‘health kick’ mentality and embrace the happy mentality!


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During (and following) the holiday period, you may have gone overboard with food and booze. Perhaps the stress of seeing your family for extended periods of time resulted in you sitting in your pjs binging on Netflix and eating a whole Christmas cake. Or perhaps the strain of a long, hard work year resulted in you standing at a miserable Christmas party mainlining champagne to make the small talk more bearable. Perhaps you just had fun and, like me, assumed that because it was Christmas, it meant that somehow magic elves would carry the calories away. Whether it was one or all of the above, many of us feel the pressure to adopt healthy diets to start the new year. Being ‘healthy,’ however, doesn’t mean eating only rice cakes and drinking green tea. This year, I will be trying a different approach. This year, I will eating a healthy and balanced diet, allowing myself a treat here and there without guilt, because I sure as hell deserve it! For 2016, SheRas, try and treat your body like you would a friend. Nurture it, love it, don’t be cruel to it, and remember we all have our own beauty, so flaunt what you’ve got! #yasqueen

2. Be more sexually empowered


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No longer will we hide our sexuality in the shadows! In 2016, it’s time to let our sexual goddesses out of hiding. Many famous women have already paved the way such as Abbi and Ilana from Broad City, Amy Schumer, Miley Cyrus, Rebel Wilson, and Nicki Minaj, all of whom fearlessly defeated sexual conformity and the idea that only men can be open about sex. With disturbing trends becoming more widespread such as the pressure women feel to have anal sex or shave their pubes, the obligation to give head, and women doing the ‘walk of shame,’ it is more important than ever to reclaim our sexuality! This year, let’s endevour to take charge of our sex lives and feel proud about who we have sex with and where we get our pleasure from, and not compromise our values or satisfaction for anyone!

3. Stand up for yourself and call out sexist comments


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You know we at SheRa feel very strongly about this issue! (See here, here, and here). Amy Schumer has taught us many things that we can take with us into the new year. Take this recent incident of an interviewer who tweeted, “spent the night with Amy Schumer. Certainly not the first guy to write that.” It got a lightening-quick and bold response from Amy: “I get it. Cause I’m a whore? Glad I took a photo with you. Hi to your dad.”

Whilst this incident occurred on social media, many of these instances happen in real life and the pressure to speak out can seem much more intimidating. However this year, we are making it our goal to remain calm and composed and call out the perverts, ignoramuses, or otherwise well-meaning yet uninformed men whose remarks need to be stopped. If we don’t call them out and do something in the moment, the cycle will just continue.

4. Read more feminist literature 


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One of our favorite feminists, Emma Watson, recently started her own feminist book club, with an open invitation to the world! I freaked out over this invitation like it was my very own grown-up letter to Hogwarts, so I’m making sure this is a resolution I stick to like glue!

5. Be more supportive of our fellow sisters

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Tearing each other down and comparing ourselves helps no-one. It’s tempting to look at celebrities, women at work, women in the streets, and even our friends, and feel inadequate. It’s easy to want to turn on ourselves or them, but in the long run it serves no purpose. This year, let’s be more supportive of other people’s success and view other women not as our own failures, but as an inspiration to strive further. At the end of the day, we women are all fighting the same battle so we need to stop being enemies and start becoming allies. Embrace the sisterhood, SheRas—you’ll feel all the better for it!

6. Don’t undersell yourself


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Too often, women are told that being proud of their achievements or ambitious means that they are arrogant. Apologizing, undermining your appearance and abilities, and feeling insecure are all offshoots of female oppression, part of a damaging culture that translates into the workplace and can unfairly undermine a woman’s success. There is no reason why you shouldn’t shout unashamedly from the rooftops about your new promotion, or proudly accept a compliment that your outfit makes you look like a sexy mamacita! You should be as proud and gloating about yourself as you would a good friend. This year, channel Leslie Knope and let the world know how great you are!

7. Educate yourself and learn a new skill


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Improving yourself is a great way to feel empowered and celebrate your strengths. This year, I want to learn at least one new skill, whether it be knitting, cooking, acrobatics, or a language! My friends better prepare themselves for a crap load of scarves and spontaneously parler en Français pour montrer aux garcons!

8. Remove toxic people from your life


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While we start a new year with the promise to cherish ourselves, letting go of negative people can be just as effective because who you surround yourself with directly impacts on how you feel! If you feel like there is toxicity in your life clouding over from last year, end these relationships and replace them with positive ones. Hanging on to people just because you have known them for a long time or because you don’t feel strong enough to end it is no longer an excuse. Life is too short to let bad people hang around so surround yourself with a girl gang full of nothing but love and positivity.

9. Get more involved in feminist politics


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Politics isn’t exactly the most appealing for a feminist, with many parliamentary debates full of old, white men evoking nothing but headaches. But we shouldn’t let this deter us from taking an active interest in politics and supporting female agendas and campaigns. Without support from fellow women, the battle cries of female politicians fall on the deaf ears of male politicians, who assume a lack of interest or support of voters. This year, I will try to improve my insight into politics and get behind the women in parliaments around the world.

10. Be happy!


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With so much frustration, everyday sexism, and oppression to be overcome, it is so important that we don’t let ourselves get dragged down by the gloominess of it all! Staying happy and inspired is what makes the battle feel all the more worthwhile! We here at SheRa Mag wish you a safe, happy year where you laugh, drink, eat, and dance like the queens you all are! #wakeupflawless

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