3 Female-Focused Films to Get Excited About This year

It’s a new year which means new films, yay! The Oscar buzz is in the air and we are all wondering who will get what: I’m rooting for Boyhood and Birdman and their respective actors to take home some of the big prizes, particularly Patricia Arquette who moved me beyond belief in the former. Some of the best Academy Award contenders are out in theaters right now!

There were some things about the film industry last year that had us a little miffed, for example the lack of female super hero films. But I like to get ahead of myself, I like to get excited about films coming out next September. So here are some of the female-focused films being released in 2015 that I’m getting giddy about.



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Following the story of Emmeline Pankhurst and women’s suffrage in the UK, this film is going to be an important one. The line-up is mouthwatering (in a non-creepy way): Streep, Bonham-Carter, and Mulligan. It makes me slap my forehead in anticipation! Do we really have to wait until September? But, of course, it’s vital that this film has a robust cast of strong women because, after all, it’s about the suffragettes!

The suffragettes impacted everything when it came to women’s rights and thus it will be gratifying to see women like Pankhurst done justice with such a powerhouse of acting talent (Streep is playing her!).

Jane Got A Gun


Okay, so to start with, I have some seriously big love for Natalie Portman and have done since I was youngster. That’s because she’s talented and intelligent, from what I can gather anyway. But that’s not why I’m excited for this film. Portman in the starring role is simply a bonus to the fact that we’re finally getting a female-fronted Western. Yes! Let’s pump our fists in the air!

The Western is such an excessive genre that it is kind of shocking how little there is in terms of female Westerns. Another reason I’m excited about this film is that at times it didn’t seem like it was going to happen. There’s been some drama during production, but don’t worry folks, it seems to be right back on track!

It Follows


Angling at the ‘bad things come from sex’ corner of the teen horror market, It Follows tells the story of a spooky venereal disease. I’m making it sound terrible, like a ‘so-bad-it’s-good’ B movie, but apparently this film is so-good-it’s-good. In fact, it’s supposed to be amazing.

It Follows is shot stylistically, making it a visual pleaser—a revered component in the horror genre. To be honest, the trailer gave me the creeps which is what I love—a horror film with an interesting and original convention that terrifies me in all the right ways. From what I hear, It Follows is just that, and it’s coming out very soon. It doesn’t think, it doesn’t feel, it follows. That’s what the trailer tells us anyway.

Got any other films you’re chomping at the bit to see? Let us know so we can get their release dates in our calendars!

Feature image courtesy of telegraph.co.uk


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