3 YouTube Warriors Flip the Gender Inequality Balance

In the wake of the recent Sam Pepper scandal whereby the popular YouTube personality has been accused of sexual harassment (six women came forward and provided accounts of Pepper’s inappropriate behavior, and despite some of the women providing tangible evidence of harassment, Pepper has denied all accusations), the emergence of bright and inspirational YouTube feminists and equality activists have proven a breath of fresh air. About eight months ago, issues flared up within the YouTube community whereby prominent YouTubers decided to take a stand against trending videos that promoted ideas of both sexism and racisim. These three YouTube warriors (below) exemplify how the balance can be flipped with the promotion of positive and powerful attitudes.

1. Laci Green @gogreen18


2. Franchesca Ramsey @chescaLeigh


3. Charlie McDonnell @coollike


Feature image sourced from: blog.franchesca.net


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