8 Times the Girls (and Boy) of “Girls” Showed Us Why They Rule at Life

Because let’s face it, even though they’re still trying to ‘work life out,’ they’re bloody killing it!

1. The time Hannah set our priorities straight.

Hanna 1_HBO_via tumblr.com

Source: HBO via tumblr.com










2. The time Jessa stood up for sisterhood.

Jess 1_www.tumblr.com

Source: tumblr.com









3. The time Shoshanna told patriarchy to go fuck itself. 

Shosh 1_HBO_Via karmas-wang.tumblr.com

Source: HBO via karmas-wang.tumblr.com










4. The time Hannah reminded us that we are our own worst critics.

Hannah 2_HBO_via tumblr.com

Source: HBO via tumblr.com










5.The time Jessa gave us advice on how to spice things up.

Jessa 2_tumblr.com

Source: tumblr.com










6. The time Shoshanna showed us that there are no wrong places where to deal with life’s problems (and that we all need chocolate to do it).

Shoshanna 2_HBO_Via la-fugitiva-sensacion.tumblr.com

Source: HBO via la-fugitiva-sensacion.tumblr.com










7. The time Elijah reminded us that he’s a feminist.












Source: HBO












8. The time Hannah showed us how to shake off unwanted suitors.

Hannah 3_HBO_via tumblr.com

Source: HBO via tumblr.com










Soz, Marnie, you haven’t really imparted any nuggets of wisdom on us…except maybe this one.

Marnie_HBO_Via gorillatothestars.tumblr.com

Source: HBO via gorillatothestars.tumblr.com










Feature image courtesy of Theo Wenner via vogue.com. 


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