Australian Actress Caitlin Stasey is Reclaiming the Female Body with

Caitlin Stasey is dear to many Australians’ hearts due to her considerable stint on Neighbours. More recently, Stasey has captured international audiences in the CBS period drama series Reign. But even more noteworthy, perhaps, is Stasey’s newest self-generated project. is a website founded by Stasey and dedicated to reclaiming the female body. As coined by i-D, “Caitlin is pushing feminism one step further in 2015.” Hooray!!!

Very simply, in, Stasey chronicles women and their bodies. She displays honest, raw, and non-photoshopped pictures of each woman (herself included), along with candid interviews that include questions like, “Were you always aware of what your body could do sexually and mechanically?”, “What, if any, were the obstacles you’ve overcome on your path to womanhood?”, “Where do you feel unsafe as a woman?”, “Do you feel your sexual education was sufficient?”, and “Were you ever embarrassed about your development/puberty? If so, why?”

On the website, Stasey defines feminism as: “a group of people pushing forward to total & inarguable equality.” She adds, “Women are fucking durable and powerful.”

This celebration of ALL woman—from all ethnic backgrounds, all ages, and all shapes and sizes—is where we SheRas believe feminism and gender equality in 2015 is at. So we stand in solidarity with Stasey and all the women who agreed to be profiled by and photographed for Here’s a preview.








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