The Best Halloween Recipes!

It’s Halloween on Friday and you’ve got people coming ‘round for dinner. You want the food to be tasty but also in keeping with the theme. You’re panicking. You’re breathing into a paper bag. Don’t worry, I’m a foodie freak and horror film lover and I’m here to spook up your feast with three easy, interchangeable, and food flexible ideas.

Food Hack 1 – The Squash

There are so many types of squash and a lot of them are super ugly and look vaguely like pumpkins, and they’re also pretty versatile little dudes. You go down to your local grocer and pick the most ‘Igor’-like malformed squash you can find. I’m a big fan of lightning squashes—they look like something from a Tim Burton movie.

Now, squashes are great for stuffing with whatever concoction you fancy mustering up, but my favorite is to use it as a fondue. You make up your fondue mixture—say, some nutmeg, Emmental, Gruyère, and cream, whack it in a hollowed-out squash and bake for about 50 minutes depending on the size of your squash. Now you’ve got a bubbling vat of melted cheese plus some tender squash flesh lower down. Serve with carrot sticks and toasted bread, witch finger style.

Food Hack 2 – The Jar

Food can be pretty and sumptuous looking and that is all well and good every other day of the year. But it’s Halloween. It’s time to make food look hideous. Best way to do that is to put it in a tall jar a la Frankenstein’s lab.



Now, some things look quaint and charming in a jar, so you have to dig deep in your gross imagination. If you want to play it cool, maybe you could just serve some spaghetti bolognese in your medical jar (bloody worms). But if you’re feeling a little more gruesome, try filling it with fat Cumberland sausages, or even better, with Chinese steamed dumplings in a plum or sweet chilli sauce. Sausages look like intestines, as you probably guessed, and piled up dumplings look a lot like brains. Tasty!



Food Hack 3– The Cauldron

Okay, okay, so not everyone has a cauldron just lying around. But so many circular casserole dishes have that witches brew look to them. If you need help making it look more convincing, try to decorate the table beneath it with fall leaves.



There’s one sure way of keeping your witches cauldron in the Halloween theme, and that is steaming hot bright green soup. My favorite is to make a pea soup, leaving some peas whole to bob around on the surface. Then you crisp up some streaky bacon and float them on top of the soup like little rafts. The truth of the matter is, I’m not sure exactly what the bacon is supposed to be but the pinky-brown of bacon resting on green gloop looks truly gross (but tastes amazing!)

If in doubt this Halloween, grab a squash, a jar, a cauldron, or simply make things a gruesome shade of green. Bon appetit!

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