Blake Lively’s “Preserve” is Exposed as Plagiaristic and Plain Stupid

You may not have been aware of Blake’s side-project. She runs a website called Preserve with an alleged mission to “preserve” American culture by sharing knowledge about artists, designers, craftsman, places to go, and food to eat. An honorable premise indeed. However, in practice, as Jezebel points out, Preserve’s only purpose seems to be about displaying “pretty pictures” and “moving product.”

And today Jezebel accused Blake’s advertorial website of even baser trespassers. Fuelled by Lainey Gossip’s post, Jezebel compared Preserve’s recent “Southern Belle” post to a paragraph from an article in 2012. Paying particular attention to the last sentence in each paragraph (below), it is difficult to overlook the probable plagiarism at play.

Exhibit A: Preserve post


Exhibit B: post


Jezebel continued by comparing a Preserve post that provided ‘workout’ guidance with a strikingly similar workout schedule that had previously been published by

Do we see a pattern forming..?

Even more scathing, however, was Jezebel’s blatant rejection of Blake’s ability to write. To give you an idea of what fuelled Jezebel‘s opinion, here are a few excerpts of Blake’s writing:

writng Blake1 Blakewriting 2

Admittedly, this is pretty well below the belt in as far as basic grammar and communication skills are concerned. Some sentences don’t even make sense.

As Jezebel acknowledges, “Nobody expected finely wrought prose, and it’s clear copy ranks a distant last place on their list of priorities.” However, in the online realm (nearly the only realm), when anybody can be a critic, a writer, a blogger, or a commentator these days—even movie stars—good, old-fashioned, steadfast, and stylish writing is like a precious and rare gem. As consumers in the online journalistic world, we should gravitate towards such quality so as to encourage it, feed it, and ensure the maintenance of such standards.

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