Blogger of the Week: Fire and Joy

As soon as a friend told us about Nirrimi Firebrace’s divine blog Fire and Joy, we were hooked. The 23-year-old writer, photographer, and filmmaker spends her time between Perth, Australia, and travelling the world, snapping bands, fashion, landscapes, life. Nirrimi balances her artisthood with mommahood: her daughter Alba is four years old. Fire and Joy is an intimate and tender visual journal of a young woman who’s wise well beyond her years. A wanderer and a reflector, she muses about love, motherhood, friendship, and the nuances of human emotion. “Starting my blog changed my life,” she says on her website. We’re really glad you did, Nirrimi. Here, she shares a few of her thoughts and superb photography.

Fire and Joy_tide

What’s the best sound in nature?

The sound of the tide rolling in over the sand.

Fire and Joy_Alba sleeping


What is your all-time favorite photo that you have taken?

It changes all the time. At the moment it is one of my love and my daughter asleep in bed. That one image holds my whole world.

Fire and Joy_sunset

Do you prefer sunsets or sunrises?

Sunsets. If I see a sunrise, it’s usually accompanied by the thought, uh oh I should really stop writing and go to bed…

Fire and Joy_friends

What music album is the soundtrack to your life?

Vashti Bunyan’s Lookaftering. There’s a tenderness, a strength, and a wandering sort of quality to her music that strikes something in me.

What era would you time travel back to?

The 1960s!

Fire and Joy_guitar

Nirrimi and her guitar

How do you turn a frown upside down?

Go outside, play guitar, or write myself a letter.

Fire and Joy_bed

Is there a photo you are kicking yourself for missing out on taking?

Sometimes I wish I could be outside myself and capture the intimate moments with my little family.

Fire and Joy_dance

First Aid Kit

Do you have a trademark dorky dance move?

I’d say the majority of my moves are dorky!

What was the best piece of advice someone gave you?

To let go. I’m working on it.

Fire and Joy_hug

What makes you laugh without fail?

The worst my jokes are, the more I laugh.

Fire and Joy_ocean

If you could, would you rather take a photo in space or in the deepest depth of the ocean?

The depths of an ocean dense with life and color. It’s another world under there.

Fire and Joy_Alba


Lastly, who is your all-time Girl Boss role model?

My daughter Alba. She might be four but her confidence, her wonder, her fierce motivation, her lack of self-consciousness, and her fire inspire me every day.

All images courtesy of Nirrimi Firebrace.


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