Desiree Akhavan Joins the Cast of “Girls”

The filmmaker and actress Desiree Akhavan, best known for her debut (which she wrote, directed, and starred in), Appropriate Behavior, has been invited by Lena Dunham to join the cast of Girls for Season 4.

Appropriate Behavior_still

Still from “Appropriate Behavior”

Akhavan first came onto the scene with her successful web series, The Slope. Made in 2010 with her girlfriend at the time, the plot follows “superficial, homophobic lesbians” in Park Slope, Brooklyn. This series was a catalyst for getting funding for Appropriate Behavior, which was not only a hit at Sundance this year, but has also been described as a “winning first feature” in The New York Times and as a “tart, sexually frank portrait of a disintegrating relationship [that]…packs plenty of punch” in Variety. The film follows Shirin (played by Akhavan), an Iranian-American 20-something living in Brooklyn. She is confused, struggling with her dual identities of being a good Persian daughter and bisexual, and has a penchant for, as the film’s title plays on, inappropriate behavior.

Now back to Girls. All that is known at present, as reported in The New York Times, is that Akhavan will play Hannah’s (Dunham) classmate at the Iowa Writers’ Workshop. She says: “It’s clear that I’m ethnic and that I come from a background of honor killings—oh no, no, that might get cut. But there’s no real indicator as to whether I’m gay, whether I’m Iranian, which is fun.” We wait with bated breath to see what else Season 4, due on screens in winter 2015, has in store.

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