Devonté Hynes’ Film Score for Gia Coppola’s New Film

Does anyone else remember Devonté Hynes before he moved to Los Angeles? Back in the days when he’d be found creeping around Brick Lane in a Russian hat and granny glasses or playing a soft indie acoustic gigs as Lightspeed Champion at Rough Trade East? Or before then, when he fronted thrashing “nu rave” band Test Icicles at the baby-faced age of 18? Well anyway, he disappeared for a while. His many changing faces vanished into the sunny abyss. According to The Guardian, he fell out of love with London because “the only liquid that was free was champagne, so I just drank champagne all day and realised it was kind of a bad idea around 6pm, after six hours.” By the time he came back into the public sphere, he’d reinvented himself as a slick and in-demand producer as well as the creator of lithe-funk music project Blood Orange. That was around three years and two albums ago.


Now he’s gone and scored the soundtrack for Gia Coppola’s debut feature film Palo Alto, based on a collection of short stories by (and starring) James Franco. The soundtrack features music from Mac DeMarco and Blood Orange but Hynes also contributed some brand new creations including the title track “Palo Alto” (which you can listen to here). It marks his first new music since last year’s Cupid Deluxe and it features vocals from Friends’ Sam Urbani (his long-time collaborator and girlfriend). His contributions to the film score are primarily a collection of Hynes-y swelling synth pads and alt-electro pop. It’s relatively low-key without Coppola’s neo-nostalgic visual utopia, which is dripping in the teen-girl colours and stylishness that her aunt, Sofia Coppola, is also known for. Watch the film trailer below. Music from the original motion picture Palo Alto was released in stores on June 3.

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