Everlane Takes The Lead in Ethical Fashion

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Everlane is a fashion label and retailer that was launched by Michael Preysman in 2011. Operating entirely online, Everlane offers affordable quality clothing and accessories. By eliminating the costs of brick and mortar, the label is able to charge less while providing more. Well made cotton T’s sell for as low as $15–$25 USD.

To begin with, Preysman went simple and offered just T-shirts. Two and half years later, Everlane now offers comprehensive and tasteful women’s and men’s lines (the women’s silk shirts are a SheRa Mag fave and featured in this issue’s fashion editorial), as well as a growing range of fresh and contemporary  accessories. The online company now boasts a confident 40 employees, a $3 million venture capital backing, and 120,000 customers.

What is most progressive about this young label, however, is its ethics of “transparency.” Twenty-eight year-old Preysman calls it “radical transparency.” The company believes that the consumer has every right to know about the product they are consuming so Everlane publishes their costs and markups; they expose their factories and ongoing relationships with them. Their tagline is “rule breakers” and on their website they encourage their customers to “challenge the status quo.”

We say more fashion retailers like Everlane, please!


Source: everlane.com


Source: everlane.com


Source: everlane.com


Source: everlane.com


Source: everlane.com


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