Famous Bi Icons Who Are Redefining Sexuality

In honor of Bi Visibility Day, which started on this day in 1999, we take a look at the bi icons who are redefining sexuality today (and a few stars of yesteryear thrown in for fun).

One of the best things famous people and celebrities can do is bring things into the mainstream. This is especially important for young people who are forming their identities as they grow (including their gender and sexuality). If you find yourself being attracted to both boys and girls (and are freaking out!!!), and your fave actor comes out as being bisexual, you are likely to feel more confident in your own feelings.

Bi Visibility Day was founded by three activists in the USA—Wendy Curry, Michael Page, and Gigi Raven Wilbur—to recognize and celebrate bisexuality and pansexuality. It’s now celebrated all over the world to help raise awareness of the issues bi people face. There is an undeniable stigma in our society about bisexuality—bi people are often seen as ‘greedy’ or ‘confused’; people who can’t make up their minds about which way they want to go. This is even the case in the LGBQT community. Depending on their partner du jour, they are perceived as either straight or gay, and those who are less than 100% bisexual are inevitably labelled. Bi Visibility Day wants to break those perceptions—we see it as giving society a big F-you! Why should anyone be labelled according to their sexual preference? And why does anyone have to 100% make up their mind about which gender they want to love?

Megan Fox 


Source: iprime.wordpress.com

“I think people are born bisexual and then make subconscious choices based on the pressures of society. I have no question in my mind about being bisexual.” (Esquire, 2011)

Ezra Miller


Source: www.hollywoodreporter.com

“I’ve been attracted mostly to ‘shes’ but I’ve been with many people and I’m open to love wherever it can be found. I think a lot of people are projecting their own troubles and fears concerning sexuality onto those around them, and it does result in the perpetuation of a lot of hateful notions.” (The Frisky, 2012)

Anna Paquin 


Source: www.ew.com

“Proud to be a happily married bisexual mother. Marriage is about love not gender.” (Twitter, June 2014).

David Bowie


Source: www.vibra.fm

“It’s true—I am a bisexual. But I can’t deny that I’ve used that fact very well. I suppose it’s the best thing that ever happened to me.” (Playboy, 1976)

Angelina Jolie 


Source: www.tumblr.com

“I have loved women in the past and slept with them. I think if you love and want to pleasure a woman, particularly if you are a woman yourself, then certainly you know how to do things a certain way.” (OK! magazine)

Drew Barrymore


Source: www.zeenews.india.com

“Do I like women sexually? Yeah, I do. Totally. I have always considered myself bisexual… I love a woman’s body. I think a woman and a woman together are beautiful, just as a man and a woman together are beautiful. Being with a woman is like exploring your own body, but through someone else.” (Contact, 2003)

Evan Rachel Wood

Photo: Imeh Akpanudosen/Getty Images

“I myself am bisexual and have always ‘joked’ about Miley giving me gay vibes. Not a bad thing! Just an observation.” (Twitter, 2012)

Lady Gaga


Source: www.gaywave.it

“You know what? It’s not a lie that I am bisexual and I like women, and anyone that wants to twist this into ‘she says she’s bisexual for marketing,’ this is a fucking lie. This is who I am and who I have always been.” (Huffington Post, 2013)

Marlon Brando


Source: www.ohmymag.com

“Marlon Brando was bisexual and voracious. The roles he lived off-screen were even more provocative than those he created in films.” (Darwin Porter, Sunday Times of London, 2006)

Dusty Springfield


Source: www.fanpop.com

“Many other people say I’m bent, and I’ve heard it so many times that I’ve almost learned to accept it… I know I’m perfectly as capable of being swayed by a girl as by a boy. More and more people feel that way and I don’t see why I shouldn’t.” (Evening Standard, September 1970)

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