What to Get a Fashion Addict This Christmas

Trying to find a present for your friend who can’t fit another Chanel bag in her closet?

Or wanting to buy a gift for your daughter who can’t afford her rent, but comes home with a new pair of Jimmy Choos for a night out with the girls?

Or if you want to send an obvious message to your significant other on what you want this Xmas, a sneaky print out of this list could be strategically left on the kitchen bench…?

Here are some ideas on what to buy the fashion addict who has everything:

“I swear on my Chanel”  tray and cushion 

Because lets face it, when you swear on Chanel that is when it really counts.


Image source: http://sealoe.se/design-items

Fashion prints to hang in her office

A girl who loves fashion, loves nothing more than showing the world she loves fashion.


Image source: http://sealoe.se

Subscription to Vogue magazine. 

For someone who has everything, nothing beats coming home to this beauty, running a hot bath, and… zen…!


Image source: www.vogue.com

Print her Instagram photos on Marshmellows. Yes, you heard me correctly. 

Imagine her face when this little box of treasure arrives at the front door. Hot chocolate tastes so much better on Christmas day with all your friends floating in it.

Eiffel Scissors 

Oui, because even when cutting pictures out of Vogue, one must imagine they are at Paris Fashion Week.


Image source: http://www.pylones.com

Saving up for Botox Tin

If anything, just to get a good laugh out of her reaction.


Image source: www.joythestore.com

Rouge Louboutin 

A fashionista is the only person who fully understands what it means to have a huge nail polish that does not fit in your purse that could potentially stab you… The things she will do for Louboutin.


Image source: us.christianlouboutin.com


As I’m sure you know, it is important that her phone is always wearing heels as well…..


Image source: www.totally-funky.co.uk



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