Girls: Does Size Really Matter?

We all know guys think it does. In fact, I can’t think of a fella I’ve been with who hasn’t asked me to tell him just how great his cock really is. And their egos tell us as much: guys with big dicks appear to feel like the rule of the roost, while little dick dudes drive around in Maseratis and play very loud music as a substitute. Or if they can’t afford a Mas, they usually just talk a lot and name drop about things and people they don’t know.

But what do we women think about size? After all, functionality aside, in the heterosexual landscape, the benefits of a dick exist for women. Is a little dick a deal-breaker? And do the pros of a well-hung hunk outweigh other shortcomings (like, being a jerk)? Do we even care about size at all? Or is all this big-dick-mumbo-jumbo all a “big” waste of the male ego’s time? (Fellas, I’m just looking out for you!)

While my feeling on the matter is that all penises are weird regardless of size until it belongs to a man you love, I decided to do some research. I asked some women in different English-speaking countries to give me the lowdown on all things dick. Here’s what I can report:

(We’d love your input so please tell us your stories and opinions below!)

I have had one experience sleeping with a man with a particularly small penis. He was French, and dreamy, but also not a good fit (pun!) for me. We had sex once, it was terrible, but I think that it was because we just weren’t connected and that our brief romance was based on some idea of each other that was far from what reality was. It was just a coincidence that he was quite small. In short (pun), it was not the penis but the person. Other than that, I have always found that good sex is about chemistry and feeling, and that size isn’t important at all.

— Jess, Australia

I was 21 when I began crushing on a guy at college who was tall, stylish, and extremely hot. A mutual friend set us up at a party and when we finally started going for it in bed, I was shocked to discover that he had a micro penis! Like, the condom wouldn’t stay-on-type tiny. While it felt like almost nothing when he penetrated me, this impediment didn’t turn me off entirely. I still liked him. What became impossible was that because of his micro penis—I assumed—he was was super insecure about all things sex. So for instance, if I wanted to give him some guidance on how to touch me or go down on me, he would lose his erection and the moment would be lost. This seemed to make him quite disinterested in sex as a consequence. We never spoke about the fact that he had a micro penis, he was obviously way too embarrassed and we were both very young. But it wasn’t the micro itself that turned things sour (I was honestly willing to push through and give the relationship a shot!). It was his anxieties surrounding it that were the problem. I can only imagine how self-conscious he must have felt…

— Anonymous, USA

My one strange experience with a penis is what I had with a friend. When we tried having sex, he concaved his body and covered his penis protectively. He didn’t want my body to make contact with his penis. It was strange and happened on more than one occasion. He only wanted to finger me and not use his penis, although when I touched it, he was hard and didn’t feel small, just average. The one time I gave him a handy, he came in a matter of seconds. But this is not about the penis per say, more about sex and intimacy in general. 

— Anonymous, UK

This is a bit about size and also about the nature of the sex. I’ve been having a hard time feeling really satisfied from the sex I’m having with my current boyfriend. I know that this is because my last boyfriend, who was definitely the wrong guy, was a fiend in bed. Like  mind-boggling. Now anything less feels a little beige… My ex also happened to be well-endowed, while my current bf is medium-sized. The thing is, my current boyfriend is incredible and I’m really much happier and healthier as a person in this relationship. Rather than kinky and dirty, sex with him is loving, sensitive, and gentle. My best friend recently said to me, “The ones that are wicked in bed aren’t the ones you want to marry…” I think she’s right. 

— Anonymous, New Zealand

While too small is definitely no fun, too big can be a “game over” as well. I once started seeing a guy with a seriously massive cock and it took several attempts on several different occasions to finally get it in. Once it was in, it was so overwhelming in its girth that any sensitivity in my vagina was squashed. Suffice to say, it didn’t work out with that guy and I don’t miss his dick one bit. Now, I’m all about a medium-sized dick with a medium-sized ego.

— Lucy, USA

No one wants to sound like a horrible person and say that size is a deal breaker. But the truth is, when you’re making out with a guy and you cop of feel of his hard thing poking through his pants, if it’s apparently small, I’d be lying if I said that that it isn’t kinda a let down. That being said, there are MANY things that can make up for this shortcoming. Learning about the woman’s body and what makes her tick, giving great head, being an emotionally evolved human being, having great lips and being an even greater kisser, having a wicked sense of humor, are all things that can really tip the scale back in the guy’s favor. Size isn’t everything. Ultimately, what most women want is to be made feel wonderful, and there are many ways to skin a cat 😉

— Katie, Australia

We’d love your input so please tell us your stories and opinions below!

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  • lucille says:

    I’ve seen a lot of penises but only experienced one. I was brought up as a nudist and waited until 28 for sex. For me the mystery of the male body wasn’t the draw that it was for virtually all my friends in younger days. After my first time, with my now husband, he said that he worried about how he compared to others. I said I had no way of knowing, feeling wise. Visually compared to others I’d seen he is in the average to large size range. He seemed pleased.

    I honestly can’t image that in a truly loving relationship that size matters but none of my girlfriends talk about this. Any of my or girlfriends dissatisfaction ks always about communication around the subject of sex. I’m always surprised to hear that not just my hubby is really shy about talking about the particulars of sex. Some of the shyness is sexy but when it interferes with female pleasure it’s frustrating.

    guys need to get over themselves.

  • Nina says:

    “it’s not about how much you have, it’s about what you do with it”

    To me, size does not matter (that much).. although insecurities of your partner can affect the experience.. I wouldn’t call myself a size queen, but both a small penis and a big penis have resulted in a not-always-pleasurable experience… although I don’t believe it was necessarily size related but more likely because the sexual connection just was not good enough. To me, the sexual chemistry between me and a partner is what makes sex most pleasurable for me, and penis size is really not a top priority there.

    Although I have to admit, the thought of a micro penis or a ‘tripod’ is not that appealing to me. Medium’s fine by me 😉

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