Girls Dress For Girls

Growing up, my dad often told me that “girls dress for girls because guys hardly even notice.” While this is obviously a broad statement, and there are guys out here who do very much “notice,” I guess the point is that rather than the clothes and style women fashion, men tend to absorb her face, her breasts, body shape, even her scent. And since it’s ultimately a woman’s body that is most appealing to a man, when I think about what I would wear if my purpose was to appeal to his taste—push-bras, scooped, cleavage tops, tight, revealing dresses—I realize that my dad’s statement was true and that I most certainly don’t dress for guys, but for girls.



While such a confession about our sex could imply a competitive bitchiness, I interpret it to infer a certain sisterhood. By dressing for each other, we’re assuming a refined taste amongst our sisters. Why else would we dress for one another? And more over, rather than focusing on sexualizing ourselves for the male gaze, when dressing for girls, none of that comes into play. Instead, we can have fun (much like I’ve done with this shoot!). Then fashion becomes an expression of all the possibilities of who we are…




For this shoot, my inspiration was “urban expression,” and so I decided to combine one of my fave local Silverlake street-style labels, Dream and Destroy, with pieces from French label Sandro’s Summer collection. Since Sandro tends towards the tomboy, playful side of life, while maintaining the European elegance that I love, I felt that these two labels sat well together. In an almost not working, but working kinda way.





*Fashion without Photoshop.

Look one: I’m wearing Sandro jersey/sweater, Sandro sequined shorts, Dream and Destroy cap, rubber slides.

Look two: I’m wearing pink Sandro sweater, Mother denim jeans, H&M sunglasses, rubber slides.

Look three: I’m wearing Sandro ribbed top, Dream and Destroy cap, vintage pink denim shorts.

Photography by Antonio Beliveau.


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