Hair There, Hair Everywhere…Deal With It!

Girls, do you shave or wax your underarm hair? If you said yes, is it because you actually want to, is it because that is what is societally acceptable for a woman, or is it because you think it makes you more attractive to the sex you are trying to attract?

English artist Ben Hopper’s recent photography series Natural Beauty attempts to shed light on the beauty of underarm hair and highlight just how natural it is. The series shows a selection of women of diverse ethnicities and from different walks of life with their arms up and underarm hair exposed. Looking at his black-and-white and color photographs, we see just how unexceptional underarm hair should be. But yet, most of the time, if a woman is seen with underarm hair in the media or walking down the street, all hell breaks loose. Why on earth do we still care about this stuff???

The only instance you should remove hair ANYWHERE on your body is if you actually want to. I do it, for instance, because I really don’t like bodily hair and haven’t from a young age. Neither my current nor any of my ex-partners have ever made a comment about my body hair. Some people like it and some don’t, but it’s up to each individual to decide. Let’s stop shaming and stigmatizing body hair and thinking it’s only ok for “lesbians” and “hippies”, and embrace our hairy selves. Let’s set a better precedent for the younger generation of girls so they don’t start spending their pocket money on waxing as soon as they hit puberty.

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  • Elizabeth Moles says:

    I don’t like underarm hair on either men or women …. I think everyone should get rid of it. Leg hair is a different story – keeps my legs warm in winter, but I shave them in summer to get some sun on them

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