We Heart… Ashley Asti!

YOU GUYSS…! I’ve stumbled upon a skin care oasis that is too awesome not to share! But before I dive into the gold, let me give you some background which will hopefully explain my perhaps unexpected enthusiasm.

Since I was about 20, my income has steadily been funneled into three very distinct interests: Fashion, food, and skincare. At a frightfully young age, I found myself skidding headfirst down the rabbit hole of luxury skincare ranges and microdermabrasion facials that promised to make me look younger, healthier and, well, just better. I’m terrified to do the math and calculate the exact figures, but it would be safe to say that many thousands of dollars of my hard-earned money has been swallowed up by hydra masks, miracle moisturizers, and fruit peels. I’m sure being an actress has something to do with it; when you commit to a career that involves an unusual amount of time in front of cameras, it’s difficult not to feel as if a microscope is incessantly studying your pores, and like a beauty cop, penalizing you for every zit or wrinkle. Perhaps too, because I was never burdened with body image issues or food anxieties (for years, I would happily and frequently indulge in Mc Donalds, Pizza, ice cream, chocolate, pancakes, and the list goes on—I still don’t know how much I weigh and that’s for no other reason but sheer nonchalantness), any sense of self scrutiny landed on my skin. I feel ridiculous as I write this because I am and was then—particularly in my early 20s—young, so the idea of trying to look younger is near hilarious. But somehow I had subscribed to the skin care cult and was a devout follower. And spender. It began with brands like Dermalogica, and then the more active  Murad and Cellex-C-type skin care lines. In 2012 when I moved to the US, my skin care interests began veering toward the organic, biodynamic side of life, and I quickly became an Eminence and Isun girl—which eliminated all the chemicals from my regime but added more dollar signs.

This is why I’m lunging across this computer screen with joy right now!! By sheer good luck, when perusing Sustainably Chic, a blogger I profiled a few weeks ago for “Blogger of The Week,” being the skincare addict that I am, I took pause when I saw Ashley Asti featured in their e-shop. “We do not chase the fountain of youth, but show you how to become the people to whom deep rejuvenation belongs,” their website pledges. This got me thinking… Since Ashley Asti’s essential philosophy is so complicit with SheRa Mag’s—the celebration of female-awesomeness rather than the perpetuation of the male gaze jail-sentence)—and since much of their ingredients were similar to the essential oils and herbs used by Isun, I decided to investigate.


The founder of Ashley Asti, the company’s namesake, greeted my inquiry with gratitude. She sent me a generous package of their boutique range which included a facial mist, cleanser, a few varieties of facial oils, facial moisturiser, deodorant, and mouth oil. I was in heaven—especially when I began using the products.

Let me just add a small disclaimer: Since we are so conditioned to believe that “the more expensive a product, the better it is,”  and because Ashley Asti’s range is more reasonable in price than Isun or Eminence (Eminence moisturizers can cost up to $90!),  it took me a beat to accept that it could actually compare in quality. For instance, in the past when I’ve tried more affordable skin care lines, my skin would breakout in milia (little whitehead dots), pimples or blackheads (sorry TMI!)). This is because the PH levels and oils weren’t sophisticatedly balanced enough. Sneaky chemicals may have had something to do with it also…



Their Lavender & Lemon cleanser combines just the right combination of detoxification and replenishment and their Lavender Face Mist is both calming and refreshing. Injecting pure moisture deep into the pores, their Blue Chamomile Ultimate Face Oil is a revelation, while their Ultimate Face Cream, rich in Rose Geranium, Blue Chamomile, Ylang Ylang, Lime Peel, and Rose, is deeply hydrating and surprisingly non-oily.


While introducing Ashli Asti into my daily routine, perhaps my greatest revelation, however, has been about their Love Your Body Deodorant—in cream-form. Again, admittedly I was scheptical at first. But this time for reasons concerning my prior experiences with organic deodorants: Nice in theory but unsuccessful in practice. And in truth, I never really digested the real implications of the theory. That is, until I discovered Ashley Asti. “Deodorants, which are applied so near the breast tissue, are often full of chemicals that are linked to breast cancer tumors: parabens, aluminim, BHT, artificial fragrances, and more,” their literature explains. For the first time in my life, the meaning of this message actually resonated. “Across the board, doctors are now suggesting that women diagnosed with breast cancer switch their deodorant,” it continues. Um...I think I’m going to switch before that becomes a risk…! 

The Love Your Body Deodorant consists of Organic Shea Butter, Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Sunflower Oil, Organic Aloe, Organic Arrowroot Powder, Baking Soda, Organic essential oils of Rose Geranium, and Lime. And to my astonishment, it actually works! Like, no B.O. or sweat, and since you need only use such a small amount each day, this $15 jar (2 fl. oz) will likely last you an entire year.

With face mists retailing at $20 (2 fl.oz) and moisturizers at $40 (2 fl.oz), I strongly recommend all of my sisters out there to turn their backs on parabens and artificial fragrances and consider this quality organic skin care line that actually works! And if you’re already in the organic market, I’d urge you to think twice about being overcharged and consider this (relatively) new-to-the-market line which is grounded in sustainability, health, love, sisterhood, and female empowerment.

“Spread the knowledge to your daughters, sisters, mothers, and best friends.” Pass it on!



Shop Ashley Asti skincare here!


*At SheRa Mag, we believe in spreading the word about brands, products, and small businesses whose missions we believe in. We only promote brands and products that we ourselves love, use, wear or consume!


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