Hippest Street Style from Paris Fashion Week Thus Far

In The Devil Wears Prada, remember how all Emily dreamed of was attending Paris Fashion Week? Since it’s fashion week season, and Paris Fashion Week is arguably the chic-est of them all, we thought we’s take a look at what threads girls are wearing this week in Paris.

hbz-pfw-ss2015-street-style-day1-29-lghbz-pfw-ss2015-street-style-day1-08-lg hbz-pfw-ss2015-street-style-day1-12-lg hbz-pfw-ss2015-street-style-day1-09-lg hbz-pfw-ss2015-street-style-day1-19-lg hbz-pfw-ss2015-street-style-day1-16-lg hbz-pfw-ss2015-street-style-day1-25-lg hbz-pfw-ss2015-street-style-day1-05-lg hbz-pfw-ss2015-street-style-day1-11-lg hbz-pfw-ss2015-street-style-day1-26-lg hbz-pfw-ss2015-street-style-day1-02-lghbz-pfw-ss2015-street-style-day1-23-lg

Also, check out Paris Fashion Week Live here.

Photos sourced from Diego Zuko, harpersbazaar.com


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