‘Kate Moss: The Icon’ Opens today!

This well anticipated exhibition which is taking place in one the art and fashion world’s capitals, Berlin, is a retrospective of the great fashion muse and model Kate Moss. Having been discovered at just 14 years of age in 1988, ‘Kate Moss: The Icon’ showcases some of her earliest shoots. The exhibition includes photographers Michel Haddi, Pamela Hanson, Marc Hispard, Chris Levine, Dana Lixemberg, Roxanne Lowit, Jurgen Ostarhild, David Ross Elliott, Satoshi Saikusa, and Albert Watson, and exposes the revelation and inspiration the young muse provided the fashion world at the time. Inherently, Moss possessed a natural ‘roar-ness’ that embodied a sense of abandonment that was unfamiliar to the fashion world at the time. This was her contribution.


Image source: stylemag.net

If you’re in Berlin (or if you can  get there by late February!), don’t miss this precious window into the early career of one of the industry’s greatest icons.

Kate Moss: The Icon exhibits at Galerie Hiltawsky from Nov 27th, 2014 to Feb 21st, 2015. 

Feature image source: blogs.antena3.com


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