Lena Dunham: “When I was raped, I felt powerless.”

One of our fave gals, Lena Dunham, gave a stirring speech at the Variety’s Power of Women 2015 lunch on the weekend, talking about her experience of being sexually assaulted at college, something which she also covers in her memoir, Not That Kind of Girl.

Dunham was there to accept an award for her work with Girls Educational and Mentoring Services (GEMS), an organization which helps victims of sex trafficking.

Speaking about being raped by a fellow student at Oberlin College, Dunham said:

“I felt my value had been determined by someone else, someone who sent me the message that my body was not my own, and my choices were meaningless. It took years to recognize my personal worth was not tied to my assault; the voices telling me I deserved this were phantoms; they were liars. So as a feminist, and a sexual assault survivor, my ultimate goal is to use my experience, my platform, and yes, my privilege, to reverse stigma and give voice to other survivors.”

Watch the full speech below.


Title image source: Fox News


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