Have a Listen to Shura’s New Track

If you’re an adult, chances are you’ve dealt with the pain of a disintegrating relationship and the hopeless, woozy emptiness it brings with it (soz for being so depressing). Despite the fact you might not want to relive that time, it’s worth having a listen to Shura’s latest track “Just once,” which is about the irreversible bond between former lovers and the fleeting thought of a one-night stand as a “cure.” “If you get my name wrong I won’t get pissed off because I wish I was somebody else,” Shura sings over soul-searing synths and rounded beats. Despite the fact it’s heartbreakingly sad, it’s a beautifully infectious pop song that sounds like if Sky Ferreira were from the 80’s. She’s also still unsigned. Watch this space.

Listen to the track here.

Title image source: disconaivete.com


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