We Love: “20-Nothings”

Personal, funny, tongue-in-cheek, and oh-so-current, it is no wonder that one of our favorite blogs, 20-Nothings, has made the best blogs/websites list of big dog publications such as Time and Forbes. But the lady behind it, Jessie Rosen, has not let that go to her head!

Why did you decide to start 20-Nothings?

Frankly, I had things to say and nowhere to say them. I used to call my blog my column without the newspaper. I kept pitching story ideas to publications like Marie Claire and The Huffington Post and they would all ask for my credits but because it was so difficult to get a credit without having credits, I decided to at least start proving that I could write if given the opportunity. After an audience started to find the blog, those publications welcomed my pitches.


What is the best thing about keeping a blog?

The best thing is connecting with people who you reach with the writing. Hearing “me too” or “thank you” or “I understand” is incredibly powerful. It’s what keeps me going.

And the worst?

The worst is of course the deadline aspect of it. I write two long posts per week and one quick post on Wednesdays so that gives me “homework” every Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday night. It’s always the most fun assignment of the day but with other projects in the works, I often find myself getting to it last.

Tell me a bit about yourself.

I am a Jersey native, Boston College grad, New York City lover (and former resident), and LA implant (and convert)! I started my career in marketing/advertising then flipped to writing after finally building up the courage (and bank account) to make the dream a reality. My current life includes some freelance fashion writing, TV development, blogging, a storytelling show that I produce, and a husband that I recently acquired (though not off the street; we dated for years).

Your interests?

Cities, food, TV, movies, and fashion.

Your pet peeves?

Rude people, traffic, yappy dogs, and the fact that people now expect so much writing to be done for free.

You have also written a book. Is this collection of stories from your blog or stories that haven’t previously been published on the blog?

Yes, the book is a collection of my favorite stories from the blog. I wrote it upon turning 30 because it felt like such a big moment to recap everything that I did and felt as a “20-Nothing.” I wanted to assemble those most meaningful tales but I also added an “afterword” to every post from the perspective of where I sit now. That was the most incredible part of the whole process.

What do you think about the outlook on magazines and blogs aimed at women? Do you think women’s interests are being well represented?

I think it’s a mix, still, but that there are incredible places for women to write and be represented. Places like Huff Post Women, The Hairpin, XOjane, Tavi Gevinson’s Rookie Mag, and more. And I do love Jezebel because, love them or hate them, they don’t take any shit.

Can you share with our readers some of your favorite or most significant stories that you have published on your blog?

Well my all-time favorite is the ridiculous tale of my drycleaner setting me up with a fellow costume, but a close second is my farewell to NYC, and of course the blog I wrote on the morning of my wedding day.

You have made Time’s “25 best bloggers of 2013” and Forbes’ “10 top websites for millennial women” lists. Did you anticipate how popular your blog would become? 

No. I still don’t know how that happened. And I will now confess that I was going to stop writing the blog upon turning 30! I’ve never focused on promotion so it’s always hard to know who it is reaching and affecting. After that honor I knew I had to keep going. Having this digital diary is such an incredible way to watch myself grow as a writer and woman.

What’s next for 20-Nothings? Any long-term plans?

Well when I bought the domain 30-Nothings.com from GoDaddy they offered me 40-Nothings at 1/2 price, so 20 more years of blogging, apparently!


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