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“I’m so ready for something like this,” I remember thinking when I first came across Reductress. The site with the tagline, “Women’s news. Feminized,” was a breath of fresh air amidst the brigade of fashion/beauty/relationship advice/pretty pictures female mags that saturate the market. With Reductress, founders Beth Newell and Sarah Pappalardo quite frankly take the piss out of gossip magazines and other female-friendly media. Launched in April 2013, and relaunched in April this year with a brand-spanking-new look, the “groundbreaking idea was hatched one day while co-meditating on their life purpose in Sarah’s sparsely decorated SoHo loft.” Every section of their site is written in a satirical style—from the About Us page to the Submissions—and so anywhere you click is guaranteed to make you laugh. Beth and Sarah were kind enough to answer a few questions for SheRa Mag.

Why did you decide to launch Reductress?

We decided to start Reductress when we noticed a lack of humorous websites and comedy spaces for women, particularly in the vein of women’s satire.

Can you tell me a bit about the both of you?

We both met doing sketch and improv at the Magnet Theater in New York, so we both have a background in those things. Beth also has an art school background and Sarah is a writer and a digital producer.

Is it more fun to write in a comedic/satirical tone? 

We think so. Occasionally we have serious opinions about things but it’s easier to express ourselves ironically.

Reductress page

What have been some of your favorite stories/headlines?

Casey Rand’s “8 Sex Positions That Will Blow His Mind And Destroy His Penis” has gotten a lot of play. More recently, we really enjoyed pieces like “How To Make a Man-Friendly ‪#‎YesAllWomen Post” by Bianca Casusol, and “Cute Braids That Will Fool People into Thinking You’ve Never Had Anal” by Sarah Heveron-Smith. Also, everything else we’ve put out!

Do you have regular writers on board? Do you accept contributions?

We have a rotating cast of around 30 contributors and one Associate Editor in addition to the two of us. We accept contributions as long as they follow our pitch guidelines. Email intern@reductress.com for more info.

You haven’t been online for that long. Did you anticipate how popular you would become?

We didn’t initially anticipate the amount of attention we’ve gotten, but we knew we’d hit on something within a week or so of launching, when we got a lot of positive feedback online. We’ve had a lot of great opportunities come around since then.

What’s next for Reductress? Any long-term future plans?

We’re holding our first comedy event, “The Night of Too Many Women,” in Brooklyn on September 17th, and we’ve got a lot of great female comedians lined up for that. Aside from that, we’re open to any and everything. The sky’s the limit!

Title image shows Beth and Sarah.


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