Lykke Li Cancels Asia-Pacific Tour

Lykke Li may have just cancelled her trip down under for the Laneway Festival, but it doesn’t mean we’re mad. How can we be when this Swedish songstress is taking a well-earned break to look after herself:

“I’m incredibly sorry to announce that I’m no longer able to play in Australia, New Zealand, and Singapore for Laneway Festival. It’s been a long time coming, but unfortunately tour life has caught up with me and it’s been recommended that I take a break. I’m devastated, but know I will return. Thank you for all the support, and I sincerely hope I can make it up to you at a later date.”

Well if this great lady says she’ll return, then we believe her! So while us Aussies, Kiwis, and Singaporeans sit and wait for rescheduled dates, we encourage you all to just sit back and wallow with her, as she takes you on a journey of heartbreak and anguish. And then hope she won’t be far off visiting you!

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