Meet the Stylist Behind Lupita Nyong’o

With one stunning and unique red carpet appearance after the next, Academy Award winner Lupita Nyong’o became the unassuming belle of this year’s award season. The silent star behind these statement outfits, however, is now the hottest and most talked about stylist in Hollywood. Her name is Micaela Erlanger, she’s only 29 years old, was trained by the late Annabel Tollman, and along with Nyong’o, her list of clients includes Michelle Dockery, Olivia Munn, and Winona Ryder. What sets Erlanger—and subsequently her clients—apart is that her looks dare to stray from the Cinderella ball gowns and fishtails that we tend to associate with the “Hollywood uniform.” Instead, Erlanger’s clients rock edgy shapes (like Nyong’o’s dramatic red cape dress at the Golden Globes) and bold colors.


Image source: Vanity Fair


Image source: Vanity Fair


Image source: Vanity Fair

“It takes time to get to know somebody,” Erlanger told Vanity Fair.“It’s not like we’re gonna hit it off with a bang. You have to get to know someone, the designers have to be familiar with someone, it’s a gradual process and it takes time. As long as you’re really on the same page and you’re communicating, then you can have fun. That’s when it gets really exciting, too: it all sort of builds over time and with the events that percolate and the press that surrounds it and all of that.”

With Nyong’o out of the mix for this coming award season, the question remains: which bright stars will get the Erlanger treatment next?

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