Michelle Demishevich: Turkey’s First Transgender News Anchor

From Laverne Cox on Orange is the New Black (who’s been nominated for an Emmy, mind you) to director Lana Wachowski to supermodel Lea T, transgender ladies are getting more and more recognition. The cherry on top is news that the Turkish channel IMC TV has appointed its very first transgender news anchor, Michelle Demishevich. Now, I live in Istanbul and I know too well that there is extreme prejudice and often violence against the LGBT community in the city and the country as a whole—Demishevich was herself attacked in a hate crime in 2012. And, just last Wednesday, the European Court of Human Rights ruled “that countries could require transsexuals to terminate their marriages in order to get full legal recognition for gender reassignment.” In light of all this, it shouldn’t be overlooked that Turkey (and it’s predominantly a Muslim country on top of it all) is making big steps in the right direction. Demishevich, who is a tireless LGBT activist, has even expressed plans to run for office!

Title image source: www.imc-tv.com


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