Females Take Over Superhero Films: Michelle MacLaren to Direct “Wonder Woman”

After months of speculation, the director of the anticipated Wonder Woman film (to be released in 2017) has been announced—and she’s a woman!

Warner Bros. has announced yesterday that Michelle MacLaren, an Emmy Award-winning director who has worked on Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, and the Walking Dead, will take the reins on Wonder Woman, marking her big screen debut. And not only that, MacLaren is the first female director to direct a superhero film in recent years and only the second overall (the first was Lexi Alexander who directed Punisher War Zone in 2008).

Ever since the project was announced, fans have been vying for a female director. As Wonder Woman is the ultimate symbol of female empowerment, many fans felt having a man direct would be inappropriate and we couldn’t agree more. We can’t wait to see how MacLaren develops the character—with such impressive TV shows under her belt, we hope she will give Wonder Woman depth, vulnerability, and fortitude. How Israeli actress Gal Godot portrays the title character will also be interesting. The reinterpreted costume looks much more suitable for battle than the overtly sexy and tight red top and blue hotpants combo in the comics. We need a feminist superhero on the big screen. Bring on 2017! #queenofhercastle

Title image source: www.moviepilot.com


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