The Mighty Hiatus Kaiyote

They’ve been a permanent sight on the Melbourne underground music scene for the past few years, playing residency after residency and supporting others as they strive for fame. And now Hiatus Kaiyote are edging closer to the top and gaining the recognition they deserve.

Here are the reasons we love Hiatus Kaiyote…

  1. They’re the epitome of genre blenders! A mish-mash of soul, jazz, prog-rock, indie, funk, R&B, hip hop, Latin, West African, rhythmic, and electronic beats.
  2. They have some big names in the music industry tweeting about them! And if Questlove, Erykah Badu, and Prince like them, then we like them too!
  3. They are an incredibly diverse bunch of talent who combine a plethora of cultural influences into their sound.
  4. Lead singer Nai Palm loves taking to the stage in costume. And what an impressive collection of fab headwear she has!
  5. They’re music is imaginative, or “future soul” as they’ve dubbed it.
  6. They received a Best R&B Performance Grammy nomination in 2013 for their tune “Nakamarra”—the first Aussie band to get the R&B nod.
  7. Their rise in fame means that they’re getting noticed around town so even if someone struggles to say “Hiatus Kaiyote,” you still know who they’re talking about!
  8. They put on impressive, energetic live shows that get those feet tapping and hips shaking.
  9. Their latest single “By Fire” has just been released and available for purchase.
  10. They’re set to release their second album sometime 2015—so stayed tuned…

While we sit and wait, let’s enjoy “Nakamarra”


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