Mixtape Fridays: Lead Singer of Crash Kings Gives Us His Fave Tracks

Crash Kings‘ lead singer and keyboard player Tony Beliveau put together this week’s mixtape for SheRa Mag. This is the motivation behind his acoustic compilation:

“I compiled this playlist of acoustic (or stripped down/unplugged) sessions from artists and bands who have inspired me growing up. Currently my band, Crash Kings, is recording a stripped down EP called “Live Nudes,” for our current Pledge Music campaign.  Typically our band is a loud, high energy rock band (although we don’t have and never have had any guitar!), but we felt it would be special to record our own ‘unplugged’ sessions using the same exact piano I grew up playing on. The idea was that the recordings would be live in the studio. Just piano, bass, drums, and vocals. 

These songs I created for this playlist reflect the various influences I referred to for inspiration in writing and recording “Live Nudes.” Hope you guys enjoy it!”


Tony Beliveau

To make a pledge to Crash Kings “Live Nudes” EP, check out their Pledge Music page.

Title image courtesy of Jeff Forney (jeffforney.com) and features Tony and Mike Beliveau.


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