Music Videos and the Era of DIY Neo-Nostalgia

In the age in which digitalism rules art, music videos are like films in themselves: highly-budgeted with a thick dollop of studio gloss. And this is no bad thing—a track with slick production goes with a masterful music video like a pedicured foot in a Vivienne Westwood. Besides, we have access to all sorts of technology so we might as well engage with it to explore the range of creative possibilities available. However, the rise of digitalism has also seen people reject it and look for innovative alternatives. For musicians, this has meant a whole bunch of throwback VHS style videos that look like they were filmed in the summer of ’95 on some brick-shaped camera. Perfection gets really boring, so there’s something stylishly pleasing about all these fuzzy montage sequences pieced together. Plus, there’s the reminder that anyone can make a music video if you’ve got a cheap camera phone and some willing participants. With that in mind, here are some of the best DIY-style neo-nostalgic music videos from this year, from the post punk thrashing of White Lung to the London trio JUICE who dress as schoolgirls for their debut video.


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