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Hi AnnaLynne, while this may sound dumb, my question is how long should foreplay last before actually doing it? And since we’re still just beginning 2015, are there any New Year’s resolutions that tie into having sex done right?

From AnnaLynne

Foreplay for a woman is the same as a man’s cock growing from soft to fully erect. It may take a bit longer for women, but if you imagine beginning sex with a soft cock, that is how it can be for a woman who hasn’t experienced enough foreplay prior to penetration.
IMPORTANT FACT: women are stimulated differently than men and foreplay can begin even in the middle of the afternoon while you’re still at work, all the way through dinner into the evening, and ultimately right up until you have her welcoming body in your hands.
Women are stimulated intellectually, emotionally, and physically. So if you want to be her sex god, hit on all three and you’ll have yourself a happy lady. There is no specific time period for women as we are all wired differently and therefore our body chemistries react in varying ways and at different speeds. But… There is only one way to determine if foreplay has been successful. When your woman is ready, her body will tell you, and that’s why all good lovers don’t need to add lube to their women… If you play your cards right, nature will have already handled that for you.. Literally.

Leo Wyatt

Do you believe practicing self masturbation has a positive or a negative effect when it comes to being intimate with another person?

From AnnaLynne

In my experience POSITIVE!!! The more removed one is from the shame and guilt that our bizarre society and its strange beliefs systems tend to place on us regarding sex, and the more in tune with one’s body, the better and more enhanced the sexual experiences will be.
Intimacy, in my opinion, does not come from sex. Sex can be a beautiful continuation of intimacy, but that better be there before you begin, if intimacy is really what you’re seeking. Sleeping together will not provide that.
Sex is a physical act that our bodies are predisposed to require not unlike eating and sleeping. As with all animals, we have chemicals which release themselves in our bodies telling us to procreate. This is not a bad thing.  It’s both healthy and necessary for the continuation of human life on our planet. (Please, Conservative World, stop bagging and condemning it. You do not need to participate but you also don’t have to spoil it for the rest of us by labeling it evil.)
Masturbation is an extension of that. We are a highly evolved species (when we want to be:)). We can choose when it is the appropriate time for us to procreate. But, in order to maintain balance and a healthy flow in our day-to-day lives, masturbating can afford a wonderful release of pent-up chemicals which can build-up over time.
Personally, I get quite frustrated without doing it in frequent enough intervals, and I’ve also found doing it right before bed helps me fall asleep. So it can be a very positive thing indeed, but more specifically, masturbation can be helpful even when you’re in a relationship and sleeping with a partner. I find the exploration of my own body allows me to find better pleasure and seek to be more pleasing when I’m with a lover. And to me that’s the beauty of the physical dynamic within an interpersonal connection. To be able to experience the most heightened pleasure and to share it, this is one of nature’s kindest gifts. So… By all means, I say, ENJOY!
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