The Naked Truth With AnnaLynne: VIOLENCE

From John

Do you believe in owning firearms for self-defense?

AnnaLynne says

I have an interesting take on the “right to bear arms.” It is a right for a reason and I appreciate our forefathers and their desire to make changes for the betterment of our New World versus the old one we left behind. Of course, it was never our forefathers’ intent to see future daughters and sons’ lives lost to senseless madness.
I believe as American citizens, we should retain our rights to own a weapon or two, if we feel the need. But just as we require driver’s licenses and the registration of vehicles, I feel potential gun owners should be required to acquire a license following proper written and handling tests before being allowed to purchase such weapons. The way I it is “if you have nothing to hide why would you mind being registered?”
People who want a gun for ill-intent will get a gun with their ill intent. They’ll find a way. I feel registering law-abiding citizens will only stand to protect them because it demonstrates that the owner isn’t trying to cover anything.
Photo courtesy of Edd Lucas

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