The Naked Truth With AnnaLynne: BEAUTY

Tannis Kerr

Hi Annalynne,

I would like to know what your definition of beauty is without being materialistic.

From AnnaLynne

Hi Tannis, thank you for a great question.

The most beautiful thing in the world to me is unique individuality. Accentuating one’s strengths versus striving for the qualities of another is the first step towards true beauty. It is also the first step towards making our planet a better place.

Think of how lacking in luster our world would be if everything looked the same. The key to beauty is the acceptance of our own individuality. It means focusing on what we have versus pining for what we don’t. This also happens to be the key to happiness. And I don’t believe anything is more beautiful than pure happiness on a human being’s face. I can’t think of anything more spectacularly stunning than a genuine smile or a big laugh from the belly. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and for me when I behold true joy, something inside me is immediately drawn to that emanating gorgeous light.

Sarah Rowland

Hello AnnaLynne 😀 I am a huge fan. I am sure you hear that all the time. But I want to say your presence will give any woman strength.

My beauty questions is: I have bad eczema and I have a hard time feeling beautiful around others because of the eczema on my hands. It makes me so embarrassed and gives me such anxiety. Any tips for feeling good about yourself when you don’t feel that beautiful?

From Annalynne

Hi Sarah, thank you for sharing!

First of all, I understand the embarrassment of a skin disease. I suffer from adult acne and sometimes I don’t want to leave the house.

An exercise I try to practice is thinking of another person with acne. In fact, I purposefully try to notice people with acne when I’m feeling insecure and you know what I see? I see their eyes. I see their smiles. I hardly even notice that thing that probably worries them non-stop. Then I tell myself, “See AnnaLynne, you saw them as a person, beautiful in their imperfections. Don’t you think most people see that in you, too?”

It helps a lot to realize just how little people notice and how much they probably would care if they knew your inner struggle.

I know I would walk up to you and take your hands, kiss them, and tell you, “Sarah, you are fucking beautiful!”

I’m not sure if this will help you, but it does help me. Just remembering that most people have way more compassion than that mean little voice in our mind tells us they do. I always ask, “Would you be friends with the person in your head?” I know I wouldn’t.

Photo courtesy of Edd Lucas


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