Need an ASMR Braingasm?

I’m travelling at the moment and this morning my friend and I sat in bed with cups of tea and while tapping away on our laptops, we decided to check out what the big deal was about ASMR. I’d read about it in a few magazines, and as a meditation and yoga practitioner, was keen to see what this strange trending online relaxation approach was all about. There are many ASMRtists with YouTube offerings, but since Elle had sourced Russian medical assistant, “Gentle Whisperer” (aka Maria) as the go-to ASMRtist, we googled her. A litany of YouTube video options flashed before us on my Macbook screen, many of which have reached up to multi-thousands of views (including one that sits at 2.4 million), and we randomly chose a video that features the Gentle Whisperer folding, rubbing, and rolling up towels while gently saying things like, “cakes with cream coming out are the best kind, but not the same for these…”

The idea is that while observing and listening to an ASMRtist perform simple tasks, the viewer becomes relaxed. ASMR allegedly provokes a lovely tickling sensation, or “braingasm,” as it’s often referred to, that begins in the head and travels down the body, and for people who struggle to unwind, ASMR is proving very successful. It’s even helping people with sleeping disorders.

Granted, the whole thing sounds a little suss, but truth be told, only a minute into Gentle Whisperer’s gentle towel video, my friend and I had enormous smiles on our faces and I felt as if I were floating on a cloud. We didn’t watch the whole video through so I never felt the supposed head tickling sensation, but I have little doubt that had I stuck with it, I’d have found myself on tropical island, my feet in the warm sand, listening to the sound of the ocean…

Watch Gentle Whisperer work her gentle magic here.


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