Now These Are Some New Year’s Resolutions We Can Actually Get Into…

Writer and feminist Ijeoma Oluo started 2015 with a list of New Year’s resolutions we can actually get into. Rather than the usual barrage of ‘join the gym, lose weight, find a man’ resolutions the glossy mags tells us to adhere to, Oluo created the hashtag #FeministNewYearsResolution that more accurately depicts what it is that feminists want to achieve this year. The hashtag has unsurprisingly caught fire and the ensuing resolutions are intelligent, raw, poetic, and downright hilarious.

Oluo’s most potent resolution is perhaps this:

Ijeoma Oluo_1

She followed up with many more, including these:

Ijeoma Oluo_2

Ijeoma Oluo_3

Here are some other gems:







We want to hear what your #FeministNewYearsResolution is. Tweet now and add the hashtag #sheramag.

Title image source: Twitter


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