Beautiful Photography Shows the Transition from Girl to Woman

“Everybody is someone’s daughter.” That is the starting point of the young Swedish photographer Lisen Stibeck’s subtly beautiful series Daughters that is currently on show at the Fotografiska in Stockholm.

Stibeck has travelled the world for the past four years capturing girls and women aged between 16 and 25, all from different walks of life. Driven by her fascination to show the sides of life that we do not normally see, Stibeck photographed students, artists, models, prostitutes, belly dancers, and mothers, in order to explore the notions of vulnerability and identity that signifies the transition from girl to woman.

“It is not only the teenage years that create the cauldron of identity but rather that formative time which comes later, in the early twenties, when a girl has truly left the parental sheltering wings and is on her own. This is the period that poses the greatest risks, challenges, and marks the moment of defining self,” says the artist.

I love that the whole series is in black and white, giving it a cinematic feel, as if each individual photograph is a still from a Goddard film. Stibeck frames her shots cleverly: with either the subject’s face or the wider landscape being the focus, depending on what kind of story she wants to tell. “I asked [my subject’s] questions and heard their stories. Some were difficult, some inspirational. Some full of ambition, some whose ambitions are unrealizable. In my pictures, I wanted to capture their vulnerabilities, and their sense of possibility but also their hesitation.”

Lisen Stibeck_2

Lisen Stibeck_3

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Lisen Stibeck_5

Lisen Stibeck_6

Lisen Stibeck_8

Lisen Stibeck_9

The exhibition runs until January 18, 2015. 

All photographs © Lisen Stibeck.


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