Quotes to Live By…Aussie Women Style

It’s a new year, a new week, and a (still relatively) new issue out. To celebrate our Australiana Issue and give you some pep for the week ahead, here are some inspirational quotes by great Aussie ladies.


Source: theaustralian.com.au

“(My gender) doesn’t explain everything, it doesn’t explain nothing, it explains some things, and it is for the nation to think in a sophisticated way about those shades of gray. What I know is that it will be easier for the next woman, and the woman after that, and the woman after that.”

– Julia Gillard, former Prime Minister of Australia


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“A society can survive with only one man; no society can survive a shortage of women.”

– Germaine Greer, feminist, academic, and journalist

“The point of my job is to entertain and make it look easy, so I guess it’s the parts you don’t often see which make me feel proud. All the behind the scenes work, the fears and insecurities I have to face and overcome to improve myself as a person and performer, all of the people who believe in me and encourage me.”

– Kylie Minogue, singer (main image)


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“I don’t understand a way to work other than bold-facedly running towards failure.”

– Cate Blanchett, actress, producer


Source: clementineford.tumblr.com

“The battle for liberation is apparently the last refuge for women unable to participate in an economy that places their sexual availability at a premium. Having someone want to fuck you is evidently more of an aspiration than wanting them to see you as an equal human being in your own right, with opinions and thoughts worthy of consideration and an autonomy that is yours and yours alone.”

– Clementine Ford, journalist


Source: news.com.au

“As adult women, we’re better able to protect ourselves emotionally. We understand we don’t need to spend time with people who don’t make us feel good. We recognize that some people have bad energy and we know we don’t want that in our lives. Instead, we choose to spend time with people who love us and treat us well and make us happy. There’s no doubt that shows on your face.”

– Deborra-Lee Furness, actress, director, and producer

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Source: commons.wikimedia.org

“My voice has been raised not only in song, but to make the big world outside through me, understand something of the spirit of my beloved country.”

– Nellie Melba, Australia’s most loved opera singer


Source: news.com.au

“I like looking feminine and I enjoy being a role model. I enjoy being a woman. It all comes down to having the confidence to be who you are.”

– Cathy Freeman, sprinter

Title image source: mirror.co.uk



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