Rap and Misogyny: Does it Go Hand in Hand?

He is one third of the Aussie hip-hop group responsible for the biggest hip-hop tour in Australian history and two #1 albums on the charts. But the Eso part of Bliss n Eso, Max MacKinnon, is also a misogynist.

On a recent trip to LA with his wife, MacKinnon posed provocatively with celebrity wax figures at Madame Tussauds and posted the pictures on Instagram with offensive and discriminative comments and hashtags. The pictures, which depict him punching Rhianna in the face, sexually assaulting Lady Gaga, and looking directly up the skirt of Raquel Welch, have created a heavy backlash for MacKinnon on social media.

Max Mackinnon apology

After the widespread criticism, the pictures were taken down and Mackinnon apologized: first on Instagram (see above) and second on YouTube. But is it all too late for the rapper?

Local rappers have joined in the condemnation of MacKinnon, with many speaking out against his actions and apology. Chance Waters took to Facebook to share his views and called for Mackinnon’s behavior to act as an opportunity “to try and educate people on why those jokes were offensive, why it didn’t matter that they were in fact jokes and the fact the subject is a massive problem right now and not a specter of the past.”

In another open letter to MacKinnon, Xannon ‘The Tongue’ Shirley asks, “What exactly is the funny part about a young woman being beaten, Eso? Despite your very recent apology, you did think it was funny, I’d love to hear your explanation.”

Radio station Triple J, which can be credited for giving the band the platform to launch its music, has blacklisted the group said in a statement: “We haven’t played any Bliss N Eso on Triple J since Monday when this incident happened. We appreciate that Eso has apologized and believe his sincerity. We’ll wait on the audience sentiment before playing the band again.”

Recently, there has been an outpouring of support towards women who have been the subject of violence and sexual objectification, and against the normalization of violence against women, and so even though MacKinnon’s apology appears to be sincere, it’s clear that people aren’t going to forget this quickly. Does Mackinnon think that because he’s a rapper, it gives him the right to speak his mind on whatever topic he wants, as this list suggests?

CeeLo-Green-rape comments

It seems CeeLo Green thinks so! Just read his appalling tweets about rape which surfaced last week. As a result, multiple gigs have been cancelled for the artist, a win for women everywhere.

As a woman living in Australia, I say “thank you” to all those who are standing up for the rights of all women around the world and highlighting exactly what is wrong with Max MacKinnon’s misogynist pictures, comments, and lame apology.

For more information about Violence Against Women, check out these sites:

United Nations Women


Title image source: Matthew Miller via The Vine


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