Start Your Day with a Rave

I’m not a morning person and don’t think I will ever be. I’ve tried, but it’s just not for me. But here’s a pretty awesome enterprise to get all you early birds’ juices flowing!

Rave Your Way Into The Day is the latest trend to hit a number of capital cities around the world. It started in London last year and now early morning raves are popping up in Tokyo, San Francisco, Sydney, Paris, New York, Melbourne, Dublin, Brighton, Barcelona, Bangalore, and Amsterdam.

It’s existence is not to fill the void after “a few too many” drinks on a night of midweek frivolity. Instead the organizer of these raves, Morning Gloryville, just wants you to have an amazingly fun, hip-shaking, arm-pumping good time before you embrace the day ahead.

I’m yet to check it out, but super keen to do so. Have you Raved Your Way Into The Day yet?

Title image source: Morning Gloryville






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