Check Out These Real, Hot Pin-Up Girls!

Va-va-voom! Check out these bold and beautiful photographs by Shameless, a photography company with studios in San Francisco and New York. Founded in 2009 by Sophie Spinelle, with Carey Lynne and Maxine Nienow joining in 2012 and 2013, respectively, the photography studio endeavours to make women feel like movie stars and “prove that every person can become a bombshell.” Right on!

The company specializes in classic pin-up, retro boudoir, and old Hollywood glamour shots for women of all shapes and sizes. And every year, for the last three years, Shameless has been running the LOVE YOUR BODY Contest that involves embracing your body and writing it a love letter (which we should all be doing on the regular!) Deadline for entries is February 1st, so check out their Facebook page for more info. This is exactly the kind of positive body image stuff that gets our juices flowing here at SheRa Mag! The next time our team is in San Francisco, we’re heading straight to Shameless for a bit of self-love!

Shameless Photography_1

Shameless Photography_2

Shameless Photography_3

Shameless Photography_4

Shameless Photography_5

Shameless Photography_6

Shameless Photography_7

All photographs © Shameless Photography.


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