Short Film Imagines a World in Which the Men are Oppressed

Check out Oppressed Majority, short film by French filmmaker Eléonore Pourriat, which literally turns gender roles on its head. In a re-imagined matriarchal society, women go jogging with topless chests, while men take care of the children. The story’s male protagonist gets verbally and sexually assaulted before being undermined by a female detective and then shown a totally lack of sympathy by his wife.

The video has garnered 11 million views since it was posted on YouTube early in 2014—and Pourriat has received countless comments, many of which were rude and downright abusive. “I kept one though because really, you can’t believe it. Someone said: ‘More patronizing feminist bullshit. Keep whining, bitches!’ When I read that, I was more convinced than ever that I have to continue to make films,” she told The Guardian. She is currently working on her next project—a mockumentary about pubic hair—and we can’t wait to see it.




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  • Art Spear says:

    Very interesting and well thought out concept. Although as a man it was hard to watch as it should be to get the point across. I think we as men need to look at a woman’s day to day life to understand the things women put up with from us, so this effectively does that.

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