Sisters We Love To Hate

The Kardashians


Serious question: When did it become OK to be rich and famous (occupy an unearthly amount of global attention) for doing nothing? Like, NO-thing. Sometimes in my more pre-menstrual moments, I find myself contemplating what truly motivates Kim Kardashian. Twitter hits? Front cover rear-end paparazzi shots in People Magazine? Or her next fake eyelash, Botox, and lip filler  appointment at Beverly Hills Beauty?

As far as her sisters are concerned…like, sorry whaaat?

The Olsens


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You have to admit, Michelle in Full House was ridiculously cute. And then, when the twins embarked on their movie empire in pastel overalls and high-top pig tails, like in To Grandmother’s House We Go and It Takes Two, even Punky Brewster was jealous. (Too. Much. Cuteness.)

Then came their reality-style TV stint (Mary-Kate and Ashely in Action!), which lead them to…well, I’m not sure exactly. Fashion campaigns? Red carpet appearances at product endorsement events? Being papped outside Starbucks in Brooklyn?

Then, seemingly from nowhere…enter Elizabeth Olsen, from left stage. Mary-Kate and Ashley’s little sis, who in 2011 took Cannes Film Festival by storm with her debut leading role in Martha Marcy May Marlene. In possession of a college degree and with a studio movie on her resume to boast (Avengers: Age of Ultron will be in theatres this year), the third Olsen sister has evidently taken the A-list movie star approach to show-biz.

And what do the twins think about their classy younger sibling? Probably plotting her death right now.

The Delevingnes


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Willowy, tall, blonde, rich, and from impeccable lineage, the Delevigne girls—Cara, Poppy, and Chloe—have been coined as “Society’s hottest sisters.” From Hampshire boarding schools, and with family connections to the English Heritage, The Lord Mayorship of London, Conde Nast, and the royal family (their mother, Pandora, was Princess Margaret’s lady-in-waiting), the Delevingne girls were destined for success before they were even born.

The eldest, Chloe is the “brains” in the family, with a degree in biomedical sciences from University College London. Being the tallest and perhaps most conventionally “pretty”, Poppy was the first fashion runway hit—being scouted by Storm modelling agency while she was still in school.

But it’s baby sister Cara who really elevated the Delevingne name to A-list status. The face of Burberry who has also appeared in countless campaigns including Chanel, Givenchy, and Dolce & Gabbana, Cara has been tagged “the next Kate Moss.” It’s her signature eyebrows and mischievous attitude (Cara’s catchphrase: “embrace your weirdness”) that has garnered so much attention both on the runways and on social media.

What does Poppy think about her très charismatic and even more successful supermodel little sister? Well, it’s all high-society lipgloss smiles in front of the press. But let’s face reality, both girls are models which implies they like being the prettiest of them all. And now let’s face the facts: Cara has 10.3 million Instagram followers, while Poppy only has 769.3 thousand…


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