SNL star Michael Che Ridicules Sexual Harassment Video

Disturbingly, in response to Hollaback’s sexual harassment video (reported earlier this week by SheRa Mag), Saturday Night Live’s newly appointed “Weekly Update” Anchor, Michael Che, chose to make light of such a serious social matter (that women endure sexual harassment on a daily basis) by posting this on his Facebook:


“Wow, way to make it all about your own ‘fame’ and demean the actual issue at hand,” remarked Perez Hilton.

But in the face of public criticism, rather than apologizing and acknowledging his insensitivity, instead Che retorted with this:


Then… evidently fuelled by the backlash Che experienced as a consequence of the stance he continued to take on the matter, a number of strange and ambiguous tweets followed:

che 2

Hollaback had very cleverly released a video that, rather that stating, merely exposed, through real life footage of a young woman walking the street of Manhattan, the incessant catcalls and verbal harassment that women continue to experience on a daily basis. So what’s really disappointing about Che’s public comments is that despite evidence of the fact, he chose to perpetuate the blatant denial of women’s rights and gender equality–an attitude still too pertinent in our society today. As a celebrity with a powerful voice in pop culture, it’s a grave shame that, rather than using his voice to help highlight and support the topical issue of gender equality, the SNL star remains stuck in these archaic and damaging attitudes towards women. Making light of sexual harassment is not funny.


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