Would You Go Under the Knife to Be a Supervenus?

My friend Yianni sent me an amazing, gruesome, and illuminating video this week. After a couple of watches, I did some research to discover that it is a short film by the French animator Frédéric Doazan. In Supervenus, the artist takes a female anatomical drawing from yesteryear and puts it through plastic surgery. Following a discussion this week with friends about plastic surgery tourism in Thailand (in which I confessed that I would consider lipo before imagining the knife cutting through my belly and wincing), Viva Bianca’s piece last week, and celebrities habitually confessing to or denouncing plastic surgery, this video proved profoundly resonant. What it highlights most crucially is how the Western concept of beauty has changed and how keeping up with a trend is, well, a race to your death. “That got dark, really fast,” was how someone described it on Reddit. Plastic surgery is not a light topic, my friend. Watch it for yourself and join in the would-you-go-under-the-knife debate.





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