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As one of the Girls generation, life is fraught with personal crises. Every week, a lot of wine is drunk and a lot of dancing is done as we deal with the embarrassments of the past week. Life looks a lot like a duller version of the tumblr #whatshouldwecallme. There are endless listicles online about what it’s like to face the turmoil of a “20 something” in the modern era. But there comes a point when we realize that no one has any idea of what to do to resolve the issues we face. We’re told the planet is in crisis, war between various nations is a constant threat. But we also have our everyday lives to live, and often we are so caught up in the experience of being young and trying to make our own way that it’s hard to see past ourselves.

I’ll come clean. I spend a lot of my time on the internet reading blogs that document the lives of other women. It does feel a bit like being a Peeping Tom, because I don’t usually comment on the posts so these women have no idea I ever read their words. But it is through these blogs that I’ve found solace. These are women who are older than me and who have already been there, done that, and got the t-shirt and a few scars along the way to prove it. I’ve found these blogs to be the best places to go for humor, honesty, and a different perspective on life. Some have kids, some don’t. Some like crafts, some like sports. These are women from around the world who are writing about their daily lives. Instead of the sensationalized versions of relationships you find on the newsstand, these are stories from the heart that are true, honest, and oftentimes raw.

By reading these blogs, it has become clear to me that no one has life figured out. At no point do you “become an adult” and suddenly everything makes sense. On the whole everyone is just faking it until they make it. There’s no secret formula to surviving the responsibilities that come with getting older, but sometimes all you need to do is take a walk in someone else’s shoes and your own life struggle becomes a lot clearer. Here are my five of my favorite blogs:

The Pioneer Woman’s recipe for cinnamon rolls…nom nom

Escape to the country: Ree Drummond aka The Pioneer Woman (a self-confessed “desperate housewife”) lives in Oklahoma on a cattle ranch. She’s best known for her No 1 bestselling New York Times cookery books which include a recipe for some of the most delicious maple pecan rolls I have ever tasted. But she also blogs photography tips, and has a section dedicated to photo-filled posts of life on the ranch. Vital for anybody who is going slowly insane in an office cubicle, or looking for proper American-style food (i.e. plenty of butter).

The Blogess

Embrace your inner geek: Jenny Lawson aka The Bloggess is a gloriously odd blogger from Texas whose memoir Let’s Pretend This Never Happened about growing up with a taxidermist for a father is also a New York Times No 1 bestseller. Jenny often blogs about Dr Who, Star Trek (she’s besties with Wil Wheaton aka Wesley Crusher from Star Trek TNG), and random (humanely) taxidermied animals. She’s also a mental health advocate as she suffers from depression and severe anxiety. Her travelling red dress post about giving in to being self-empowered by whimsy every once in a while is well worth a read.

Wilder coast

Some of the amazing travel photos on Melina’s “The Wilder Coast” blog

Have an adventure: Melina is always off taking part in some sort of sporty activity in a super scenic location. She’s inspired me to take up exercise again after many years’ hiatus. I am in awe of how strong her body is and how different her tales of sailing round Alaska are from my own life. Yet she still sums up what it is like to feel 20 something and restless.


Read something truthful: Eden’s blog pulls no punches. It’s raw and open and bloody. She’s faced drug and alcohol addictions, suicides of family members, IVF, and her husband’s battle with cancer. This lady is the definition of a battle-scarred warrior and her openness about her struggles is inspiring.

A Sensible Heart

Some of Camilla’s gorgeous Paris photos

Read something beautiful: Camilla’s blog A Sensible Heart is filled with gorgeous photography, cute style tips, and has the same calming effect as a strong cup of camomile tea. If you ever feel stressed out, go and have a browse. Her photographs of Marseilles and Paris are stunning. Full screen them on your phone, wrap your scarf around your head, squint, and you could almost be there.

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  • Melina says:

    Hey! I just wanted to let you know, that finding the little blurb you wrote about me and my blog was such a boost to my week. I really let myself get down by reading the negative things written about me on the hate sites out there, and to see this just made me sit up straight again and realize why I write. Thank you.

    much love,

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