The Best Feminist Moments of 2015

2015 was a year of great highs for women in general—and with the year about to come to a close, let’s reflect on some of the feminist moments that made us want to punch the air with joy!

Viola Davies’ Emmy Acceptance Speech



Oh. My. God. Was there a dry eye in the house?! Did anyone not yell at their TV?!…Just me? Viola Davies’s strikingly tough performance on How To Get Away With Murder won her the hearts of America and the world, not to mention an Emmy as the first African-American winner in that category. With grace, strength, and resolve, Viola delivered a speech that sent chills down our spines. What a way to kick off the year!

Jennifer Lawrence’s Pay Gap Essay



Award-winning actress, hilarious comedian, friend of Amy Schumer, and all-round embodiment of girl power Jennifer Lawrence has done amazing things this year. The most kickass, however, was when Jennifer wrote and published an essay on the gender pay inequality in Hollywood. Taking no prisoners, JLaw fearlessly pointed out the fact that she was getting paid “less than the lucky people with dicks”. Attention Hollywood—Pussy Power is in town and you better have our money. Read it here.

Amy Schumer’s general existence



Our girl Amy Schumer pretty much ruled this year. With her first screenwriting debut in the feature film Trainwreck, her highly successful Comedy Central series Inside Amy Schumer (including a fearless takedown of the objectification of women in her 12 Angry Men parody), her Glamour Women of the Year award and KILLER speech (with Jennifer Saunders laughing the background), her fearless Pirelli calendar photoshoot, the list goes on…We bow down to the Queen.

Malala Yousafzai and Emma Watson’s interview



As if we weren’t sufficiently awe-inspired by the incredible efforts and strength of Malala Yousafzai and Emma Watson through the Malala Fund and HeforShe, respectively, the two feminist icons of 2015 met for an interview—and it was everything we could have hoped for. ‘Inspiring’ isn’t strong enough a word for when Malala admitted she was influenced by Emma Watson to embrace feminism. *cue standing ovation*

Amber Rose’s Slutwalk  



On October 3, rapper, actress, fashion designer, model, mother, and feminist Amber Rose launched her Slutwalk march to protest and advocate against rape culture, victim blaming, sexual double standards, and the definition of consent. Over 15,000 women of all colors and identities, including sex workers, marched together in solidarity in an event that truly marked one of the most powerful moments of 2015. (And SheRa Mag was there!)

Plus-Size Singer Beth Ditto Walks For Marc Jacobs

Beth Ditto


Body diversity and positivity celebrated a win during New York Fashion Week this year with Marc Jacobs including plus-size Gossip singer Beth Ditto on his catwalk. With the subtle inclusion of a plus-size model amongst the lighter-bodied models, Jacobs made a powerful statement that it should be normal and no fuss to have a plus-size women represented on the main stage. We couldn’t agree more. *Side note: Beth Ditto looked SPECTACULAR. (So much so that we are still picking our jaws up off the floor.)

Women Won the Right to Vote in Saudi Arabia

Hassan Ammar:AFP:Getty Images

Source: Hassan Ammar/AFP/Getty Images

Women have long been denied basic human rights in Saudi Arabia due to strict misogynistic laws that dictate Arab society. This year, however, women celebrated the achievement of being legally allowed to vote and run in elections. The spirits of the suffragettes past would be undeniably proud.

Hillary Clinton Runs for President  

hillary clinton

When news broke that Hillary Clinton was running as a candidate for the 2016 presidential election, America—and the Internet—went wild. Once again, the US has the opportunity to elect the first ever-female president in a long, long, loooong line of men. And although not everyone agrees that she’s the best person for the job, a strong female candidate is history-making in itself. Go get ‘em, Hillary!

Rosie Batty Winning Australian of the Year

rosie batty


After Australia witnessed Rosie Batty’s horrendous ordeal when her abusive husband murdered her 11-year-old son during cricket practice, Australia’s domestic violence scourge was forced out in the open. In an inspiring and stoic effort, Rosie harnessed her pain into a widespread and fearless campaign against domestic violence across the country, which won Rosie a well-deserved Australian of the Year Award. Read more here.

Taylor Swift’s Girl Squad

taylor swift

Source: Matt Sayles/Invision/AP

Have you ever wanted to be friends with a group of people so badly that all you do is sit and watch them from afar and hope you work up the courage to speak to them? That is the world of Taylor Swift. After a shaky start to understanding feminism and gender equality in her younger years, Taylor has fully embraced the term and all its values, becoming a vocal spokesperson for female strength. By surrounding herself with other successful and powerful women in the arts, Taylor has shown women and girls everywhere the importance of females supporting each other in a world that seems to want to tear us apart. We couldn’t love this more—us girls have to stick together! #squadgoals

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