The Brave in Me Celebrates The Brave in You

Sometimes going back to basics is just what the doctor ordered. After the last three months of what felt like continuous travel (Paris, Naples, Amalfi Coast, and then back and forth between LA and NYC while filming Blind), I declared December “my month of centering back into me.  Where had my daily mediation ritual gone? And yoga? Na’ma’stayhome. (A really bad joke I picked up in California, sorry.) Since settling into “my month of centering back into me,” just sitting for a few moments and listening to my breath has been a revelation. And any suggestion of makeup, blowdrying, or high-heel wearing felt almost offensive to my inner disposition. Hey…! I’m centering-in here. Thank you.

So when I connected with Jessica Hendricks, founder of The Brave Collection, in LA late last month, and become enlightened to her meaningful and delicately handmade jewelry collection,  I knew the universe was conspiring. “Let’s collaborate!” we both immediately declared after just moments of meeting. Ya know when it just feels right?!?

What’s really impressive about The Brave Collection is that while it’s inspired by tradition—handmade in Cambodia by local artisans—its designs maintain a progressive, fashion-forward feel, appealing to a modern woman with a love for travel and unique aesthetics.

Their signature bracelet spells “Brave” in the Cambodian alphabet. The Buddhist flag pendant, which is featured in some of the line’s necklaces and bracelets, represents compassion and wisdom, while The Water Buffalo Tooth pendant represents a small piece of the greater whole. Hmmm…just writing those sentences makes me all cosy an’ calm inside…

See why The Brave Collection found me at just the right centering-in time? Each bracelet carries with it vibrations of love, femininity, and individuality. And part of The Brave Collection’s ethical contribution is to give 10% of its proceeds to fight human trafficking—a cause close to my heart.

Perhaps the reason why Jessica and I hit it off so well—in an almost fate-like-way—is because her bracelets are an extension of the old-school friendship bracelet; they’re handwoven by women, bought by, and given to women. In other words, it was friendship bracelets that brought us together, and it’s friends that we now are. In fact, true to tradition, Jessica actually gave me one (so yeah, we’re official)—which I have since worn every day (except in the shower, as I was specifically instructed not to. Tick!)


I think a part of the reason why The Brave Collection resonates so deeply with me, is its essential mission: The celebration of female bravery. Let’s face it, just being a woman on this planet is an act of bravery. We are surrounded by predators and violence—too many of us, survivors of assault, have to fight harder than any man for a decent paycheck, and have been marginalized by the media for as long as we can remember.

Since the stars were aligning for me this month—spiritually speaking—it was probably no coincidence that these sweatshirts featuring the 70s feminist slogan “The Future Is Female” from indie label Otherwild caught my attention. I decided to weave the traditionally inspired, earthy vibe of The Brave Collection in with a grassroots feminist spirit. You might call it “hippy.” I call it: fabulously female, rebellious, connected to my mom, BRAVE.

This shoot was inspired by a synergetic concoction of centering in, going back to the basics, dissipating ego, and celebrating female beauty and bravery on an essential level. We shot at both Griffith Park and Bronson Canyon in LA. I didn’t blow-dry my hair, wore minimal makeup, and no shoes. I felt like me.

Viva x

And in the spirit of Christmas, we’re giving one lucky SheRa reader the chance to win a bracelet from The Brave Collection. Click here to enter.
Look 1 I’m wearing The Brave Collection bracelets and necklaces, vintage camisole, Lost cardigan, H&M sweatshirt.
Look 2 I’m wearing The Brave Collection bracelets and necklaces, Little Fuchsia dress, Mother Denim bell-bottom jeans.
Look 3 I’m wearing The Brave Collection bracelets and necklaces, Otherwild sweatshirt, Mother Denim bell-bottom jeans.

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