The Cultured Girl’s Guide to the Holidays

Yes, there’s the eating. Yes, there’s the drinking. But the most exciting thing about the holiday season for us is all that extra time we have to do the things we really want to do. And for us cultured girls here at SheRa Mag, that means catching up on good literature, watching some female-helmed film and TV, and dancing along to some quality tunes in our bedrooms. Here are some recommendations for what to read, watch, and listen to these holidays. (You can thank us later.)

To read

Girl Boss by Sophia Amoruso


If you’ve heard of the fabulously vintage and effortlessly cool fashion label Nasty Gal, you might want to find out more about the gal behind it all. Read how fearless businesswoman, visionary creative, and entrepreneur Sophia Amoruso rose from a dumpster-diving, hitchhiking nomad to the CEO of a million-dollar fashion retailer. This is a true badass Cinderella story for the modern woman—give us hard work over a glass slipper any day!

Men Explain Things To Me by Rebecca Solnit


Subtle sexism and those ‘little’ everyday remarks is an issue we have covered before here at SheRa Mag, which is why this book called out to us loud and clear! Rebecca Solnit’s collection of essays details those infuriating situations of “mansplaining,” offers advice on how to handle them, and provides a witty, dark, and vital commentary on the “little remarks” that reveal a much bigger problem. This book was referred to as “the touchstone of the feminist movement” for a reason!

I am Malala by Malala Yousafzai


We couldn’t go past this book written by Malala Yousafzai about her tremendous courage in the face adversity after being shot in the head by the Taliban in Pakistan for her efforts in promoting education. If you love Malala’s informed and thought provoking speeches as much as we do, it is worth reading more about her incredible story!

To watch

Jessica Jones


Krysten Ritter stars in this powerful drama as Marvel superhero Jessica Jones who, whilst trying to operate her own detective agency, struggles with post- traumatic stress disorder after being controlled by her abusive ex-boyfriend. This double narrative serves to provide an excellent portrayal of the complexities and trauma of emotional, physical, and sexually abusive relationships, led by a badass Ritter in a leather jacket and a look to kill. (We’re definitely adding a leather jacket to our Christmas list! #giftgoals)



Cate Blanchett won our hearts with her Oscar’s acceptance speech last year, in which she slayed everyone in the room with her statement about women in the film industry: “Audiences want to see them and, in fact, they earn money. The world is round, people.” #yaskween

Her new film Carol is set in the 1950s and chronicles the relationship between a department store clerk (Rooney Mara) and an older woman (Blanchett). The exploration of sexuality at a conservative time, the attention to detail in the production design, the elegance of the costumes, and the sophistication of Blanchett’s starring role makes this a film that is right at the top of our “must-see” lists.



As if we couldn’t love Jennifer Lawrence enough, she has gone and starred in a film about a struggling single mother who becomes an entrepreneur after inventing the Miracle Mop. Triumphing over sexism and betrayal with the odds seemingly against her, Joy is film that truly showcases the tenacity and stoicism of single moms and businesswomen everywhere. Color us inspired!

To listen

Courtney Barnett’s Sometimes I think and sit, and sometimes I just sit


After ruling at the 2015 ARIA Awards and generally taking the Australian music  industry by storm, Courtney Barnett is a name on everyone’s lips. Outspoken lyrics with a grungy garage sound, Barnett’s new album proves that girls can rock just as hard as boys.

Florence + The Machine’s How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful


Florence’s electric stage persona and hauntingly beautiful vocals inform an album that is as enigmatic as it is raw and honest. If you are looking for a soundtrack to hosting friends this holiday season and feel like celebrating one of the fieriest women in the music industry, then this album is perfect to blast out some power ballads with a drink in hand.

Lana Del Rey’s Honeymoon


It’s summer here in the Southern Hemisphere, and we all know that long summer days can seem to stretch out forever and imbue your days with a sense of purposeless—we blame Netflix. If you feel like getting in touch with your melancholy side this summer, sullen babe Lana Del Rey can provide the soundtrack with her third studio album Honeymoon. Who says you can’t be sad when the weather’s warm? Channel Morticia Addams and keep the gloom going all summer long.




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