The Month of #SheRaPower is Upon us!

SheRa Mag proudly declares December the month of empowerment. Sara Li, founder of Project Consent, is onboard as our guest ambassador for #SheRaPower. Here’s a quick message from Sara. xx


Dear SheRas,

December is a month filled with endless joy and excitement. It’s a remarkable time of year as everyone reflects back on what they’ve learned, achieved, and overcome that year. And then the holiday tingles kick in… But as delightful as this reflection and buzz may be, December can also be a difficult period for many.
Everyone has their own personal struggles, so I would like to take this particular month to not only acknowledge these hurdles, but to celebrate the strength in us all. This month, I will be the guest ambassador for SheRa Mag‘s Month of Empowerment and Positivity. With that, I am so excited to announce the launch of #SheRaPower.
**Cue high hat symbols and sparkly stars!!!

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Throughout December, keep an eye out for content that promotes self-love in celebration of the hardships we’ve all endured and overcome. I’m a firm believer that empowerment comes from not only fighting our own demons, but also from helping others. So starting today, I’m asking that everyone take some time out to ask themselves how they can change the world around them. Real change, of course, starts from within. Am I being kind to myself? Self-forgiving? Self-loving? What do I do, quite practically, to implement that self-love? And does that love, kindness, and forgiveness extend to others around me? Together, I’m convinced that we can all make a difference. This kind of empowerment also gives birth to a great many opportunities of all round female-kick-ass-ness.
See you soon, SheRas! I can’t wait to embark on this journey with all of you.
Lots of love,
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